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        1. Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
          Premium Wholesale Christmas Trees and Nursery Stock

          Top Quality Turkish Fir Seedlings *

          The outstanding quality of our trees will help make your retail lot successful.
          We have repeat customers going back more than 50 years!
          We are a wholesale Christmas Tree business and all trees are sold FOB at the farm in Springfield, Oregon.


          Top Quality Turkish Fir Seedlings are now
          Available for Christmas Tree Planting!


          Turkish fir is native to northern Turkey and is now being grown for Christmas trees in the US. Turkish fir are sometimes confused with Nordman fir but is a very different species and quite different. The main difference is that the needles are flatter on the stem. Turkish needles radiate out more from the stem. This tree has two-tone needles that have a dark silvery-green underside, which is very attractive and has excellent keepability. They are becoming popular with consumers. It's strong branches can hold heavy ornaments and needles are retained a long time in the home if the tree is kept watered.

          A tree farmer can grow this tree successfully in soils that will not grow good Noble, but can be sold for a Noble price.

          Both of our products have a well balanced root to shoot ratio with large well developed buds that will produce height growth the first year. We were one of the first to grow this tree, have extensive experience and have developed special procedures over the years to grow it.

          Turkish Fir Super Cell Seedlings  
          Turkish Fir Super Cell Seedlings

          Super cell Turkish fir are containerized seedlings with 10 cubic inches of soil. The roots are 8" long. The seedlings are 1 ½ years old. The rigid root mass is easy to plant. The roots of a containerized seedling begin to grow into the soil almost immediately when soil temperatures are warm enough. They can be fall planted.


          Turkish Fir Plug+1 Transplants
          Plu+1 Transplants
          Plug+1 transplants are 2 ½ year old bare root seedlings. They are started in a small 2 cubic inch plug and later transplanted into raised beds. This method of growing produces a large caliber seedling with a consistent fibrous root system which you will not find with other bare root products.


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