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        1. Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
          Premium Wholesale Christmas Trees and Nursery Stock

          Plug Seedlings *

          The outstanding quality of our trees will help make your retail lot successful.
          We have repeat customers going back more than 50 years!
          We are a wholesale Christmas Tree business and all trees are sold FOB at the farm in Springfield, Oregon.


          Nursery Stock » Plug Seedlings

          Our State of the Art Greenhouses  
          Our State of the Art Greenhouses


          Plug Seedlings for Grafting:
          We produce a high quality plug seedling that is ideal for use as grafting under stock. These seedlings come in a number of species and offer the following advantages:

          Band Pot
          Newly planted plug
          • Seedlings are a uniform size.
          • Easier to pot than bare root seedlings. Container can be filled with soil first and then simply make a hole using a dibble tool and drop the tree in.
          • No root pruning to fit seedlings into most pots. This cuts down on labor cost and transplanting shock. The 3 5/8 x5 band works well.
          • Plugs don't get their roots damaged in the packing and transplant process increasing their health and survival rate.
          • In one growing season, with proper fertilization you can have nice health uniform stock ready for grafting or out planting in the field that are easier to plant than bare root stock.
          1 Year Band Pot
          After 1 year in band pot


          Plug Seedlings for Reforestation or Christmas Trees:
          Kintigh's super cell plug seedlings offer the following advantages:
          • Excellent well branched root system with live roots ready to grow immediately when planted
          • Do not require refrigeration for short term storage
          • Easy to plant without "J" rooting by using a dibble type planting tool
          • Can also be planted by using a shovel or hoedad
          • Excellent root to top ratio
          • Ideal for the "do it yourselfer"
          • Grow from seed selected for superior genetic traits with usage, site conditions, and elevation in mind


          Noble Fir Seedling

          Select Genetic Stock:
          Our Christmas trees are grown from seed that has been collected from areas that have been proven to produce high quality Christmas trees. We also may use seed produced in seed orchards.

          Noble fir super cell seedlings ready for planting!
          Click here for printable seedling order form
          Click here for a list of available species

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