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        1. Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
          Premium Wholesale Christmas Trees and Nursery Stock

          Seedling Packaging *

          The outstanding quality of our trees will help make your retail lot successful.
          We have repeat customers going back more than 50 years!
          We are a wholesale Christmas Tree business and all trees are sold FOB at the farm in Springfield, Oregon.


          Seedling Packaging & the Dibble Tool


          Container grown seedlings offer a distinct advantage over bare root seedlings. When container stock is packaged the root is not damaged. When they are planted they grow into the ground as soon as the soil temperature is warm enough to activate the roots. They are easy to plant as far as getting the roots to go straight down into the ground.

          Packaging of the container stock is available in two different ways:

          1. The trees are left in the super cell tubes they were grown in. After they have been sorted for quality and size they are bundled together into groups of 10 and stood up in boxes of 100 seedlings. The boxes measure 12x17x24 inches. Customers who are planting trees themselves and don't have refrigeration will want to order their seedlings this way. They can be kept for a few weeks without damage. All boxes and tubes must be returned to the farm for re-use.

          2. The trees are extracted from the super cell tubes and placed ten to a plastic bag and 200 to a box. The boxes measure 12x17x24 inches. This method of packaging is used when the trees will be planted promptly after leaving the nursery or will be put into cold storage. This method is preferred by most contract planters.
          Seedlings left in super cells
          Seedlings left in super cells
          100 per box
          Seedlings extracted from super cells
          Seedlings extracted from super cells
          200 per box


          The Dibble Tool:

          Our plug seedlings are easily planted using the dibble tools shown here that forms a hole the exact size needed for the tree and prevents "j rooting". The small hand held tool is for planting in band pots in the nursery and the long handle unit is for field planting.

          Field Planting Dibble The Dibble Tool

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