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        1. Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
          Premium Wholesale Christmas Trees and Nursery Stock

          Plug +1 Transplants *

          The outstanding quality of our trees will help make your retail lot successful.
          We have repeat customers going back more than 50 years!
          We are a wholesale Christmas Tree business and all trees are sold FOB at the farm in Springfield, Oregon


          Nursery Stock » Plug +1 Transplants


          Plug +1 Transplants:

          Plug + 1 transplants are produced by starting with a containerized seedling or plug and transplanting it into the ground for an additional year to grow larger.

          Plug+1 transplants are the “Cadillac” of the bare root industry. They start out as small plugs grown in the greenhouse for six months. In early September they are planted into raised beds. There they make root growth that fall, continuing through the next growing season. Fall planted plug+1 transplants have a better fibrous root system than any other bare root tree.

          Kintigh’s have a transplant method that is unique. We drill the hole and the tree is simply dropped in. This eliminates the possibility of seedlings with swept roots. Our trees are straight making planting easier. We also have uniform spacing between our trees insuring a large caliper.

          Our packaging is closely supervised by the owner, Mark Kintigh, to insure that seedlings are sorted to proper standards. Only the best workers are allowed to operate the root pruning saw to insure the roots are trimmed to the proper length.

          Roots that are too long can not be planted properly and too short affect the survival of the tree. We get lots of positive comments about the quality of our trees and the uniformity of the root pruning from tree planters as well as professional foresters.

          These premium transplants offer the following benefits:
          • Large seedlings with heavy stem caliper that can withstand some browsing
          • Compact fibrous root system
          • Large well hardened terminal buds
          • Straight stem with no "J" root or machine drag due to our unique transplanting method
          • Excellent foot to top ratio
          Field of Transplants
          Plug+1 transplants are packaged 125 to a bag and must be ordered in multiples of 125.
          Plug+1 Cedar
          PLUG+1 CEDAR
          PLUG+1 PINE
          PLUG+1 PINE
          PLUG+1 DOUGLAS-FIR
          PLUG+1 DOUGLAS-FIR
          PLUG+ 1 ROOT SYSTEM
          PLUG+1 ROOT SYSTEM

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