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        1. Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
          Premium Wholesale Christmas Trees and Nursery Stock

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          Bob and Margaret Kintigh were named the Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year for 2005
          by the Oregon Tree Farm System.
          "Former Oregon Senator Earns 2005 Tree Farmer of Year"
          for the full article, click on the following link:

          Bob and Margaret were then named National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year
          by the American Tree Farm System at their national convention in Mobile, Alabama in Oct 2006.
          "Oregon Tree Farmers Bob & Margaret Kintigh Named 2006 National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year"
          for the full article, click on the following link:

          The Tree Farmer of the year competition is sponsored by the American Forest Foundation and recognizes woodland owners who have done an exemplary job managing their forest lands for the production of timber products, wildlife habitat and recreational use as well as outstanding educational work with forest management. This includes doing such things as conducting tours on their farm for students, interested citizens and professional groups as well as writing articles for publication to help other woodland owners do a better job managing their property.

          In 1992 Kintigh's were the grower of the national grand champion Christmas tree, and were given the honor of providing a tree for the blue room of the White House. Here is Bob and Margaret standing beside the Grand fir chosen by White House head usher Gary Walters. Fifteen family members made the trip to Washington D.C. to present the tree to first lady Barbara Bush.

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