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        1. Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
          Premium Wholesale Christmas Trees and Nursery Stock

          Wholesale Christmas Trees
          Now Available!



          Company Profile

          Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch grows wholesale forest seedling, wholesale Christmas trees and conifer understock for the nursery trade. Kintigh's was founded in 1957 by Bob and Margaret Kintigh at a farm on East Cedar Flat road a few miles east of Springfield, Oregon. Bob holds degrees in forestry from Penn State and University of California. Bob was never satisfied with the status quo and introduced and experimented with new species and tried different seed sources. Working with other leading growers he helped develop techniques to produce full trees with good shape but with a natural look. Bob's sons Mark and Dan who now own and manage the business carry on this tradition of excellence, honesty and hard work as they continually try to improve quality and service. Call and give us a chance to fill your Christmas tree or seedling needs.

          We are a wholesale business and all trees are sold FOB at the farm in Springfield, Oregon.


          • National Christmas Tree Association
          • Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association
          • Society of American Foresters
          • Oregon Small Woodlands Association
          • Oregon Farm Bureau
          • Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine Conservation Association
          • Conifer Society
          • Oregon Horticulture Society
          • National Federation of Independent Business

          Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch is a family business that has been providing top quality Christmas trees and nursery stock since 1957.

          Our Mission

          We strive to produce the best wholesale Christmas trees and Nursery stock available anywhere at competitive prices for comparable quality of product.


          High Quality Standards

          We have been in business for a long time and always ship a high quality product. We understand that if we don't provide a nice tree consistently, our customer will not be back for more. Some of our customers have been buying trees from us for more than 50 years.


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