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        1. Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
          Premium Wholesale Christmas Trees and Nursery Stock

          * The Kintigh Philosophy *


          The outstanding quality of our trees will help make your retail lot successful.
          We have repeat customers going back more than 50 years!
          We are a wholesale Christmas Tree business and all trees are sold FOB at the farm in Springfield, Oregon.

          Noble Fir Seedling

          Select Genetic Stock:
          Our Christmas trees are grown from seed that has been collected from areas that have been proven to produce high quality Christmas trees. We also may use seed produced in seed orchards.

          Noble fir super cell seedlings ready for planting!


          Consistent Grading:
          All grading is done by the owners Dan and Mark Kintigh. To qualify for our top grade or "BLUE TAG" the tree must have:
          • Good color
          • A single straight leader
          • A nice conical shape
          • Branches that are filled in nicely
          • Several years of healthy needles
          • A smooth handle with appropriate length for the size of the tree so it can be easily put in a stand

          All trees that do not meet this rigid standard are sold as “RED TAG” or economy grade trees. These economy trees are as good as or better than many farms top grade trees!

          Our trees are graded standing in the field.


          Environmentally Sound Practices:
          We use no more chemicals than necessary to control pests, disease and weeds. A grass buffers is left around drainage and stream areas to collect runoff. This practice is obviously effective because of the abundant native trout that live in the streams and ponds on the farm. A variety of types of wildlife inhabits the farm and surrounding forests.

          We refrain from using chemicals within four month of harvest.

          Our practice is to look at farming with a view to the future for health and productivity of the land.

          A Bald Eagle that has nested on the farm...


          Well Maintained Fields

          Well Maintained Fields:
          All of our fields are kept clean of noxious weeds. To help tree growth we control competitive vegetation but try to maintain enough plant cover to prevent erosion and maintain soil organic matter.
          Grass lanes are maintained for low use roads but heavily traveled roads are graveled. This allows us to harvest in all weather conditions without rutting roads or getting trees dirty.

          One of our fields with a grass access road...


          Loading the TruckLoading the Vans
          High Quality Standards:

          We have been in business for many years. We use state of the art harvest equipment that assures that the trees will be delivered in good condition. We understand that if we don't provide a nice tree consistently, our customer will not be back for more. Some of our customers have been buying trees from us for more than 50 years.

          Bale Crew



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          All Rights Reserved