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        1. Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
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          Tree Education -
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          Articles from "Northwest Woodlands":
          A Publication of the Oregon Small Woodlands, Washington Farm Industry, Idaho Forest Owners & Montana Forest Owners Associations...

          • Successful Reforestation Planning to Get the Forest You Want.
            Reforestation after timber harvest is not only required by state law in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, but more importantly, it represents your opportunity to build the future forest that you want, whether your goals are focused on timber, wildlife, special forest products, aesthetics, or some mix of these...
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          • Reducing Wildlife Damage to Forest Resources.
            Wildlife is an integral attribute to forest ecosystems. However, wildlife can cause problems. Severity will depend on the species and numbers of animals present, along with existing habitat conditions. Whether these impacts cause significant problems or warrant action depends on the objectives of the landowner...
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          • Fall Planting Becoming a Viable Option.
            Pick up any forestry publication on reforestation, and you will quickly see that the normally recommended interval for planting tree seedlings is from late November through late March, depending on the availability of bareroot seedlings. The question that sometimes surfaces is: Is this really the best time to plant, or would it be more advantageous to plant at some other time of the year?
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          Articles Written by Bob Kintigh:
          2005 Oregon Tree Farmer of the Year
          2006 Western Regional Tree Farmer of the Year
          2006 National Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year
          Former Oregon State Senator

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          All Rights Reserved